Chantal's colour-rich pieces are a fusion of imagination and energy sparked by her fascination in the natural world. Mind wanderings together with lateral thinking result in subjects being intuitively worked and reworked - exploring what the eye doesn't immediately see and elasticising ideas towards new places.

The vital pulses of rhythm, cycle and repetition are pivotal to interpretation and treatment. A compulsion to spontaneously express alternative perceptions has led to the development of a distinctive portfolio of techniques which play out on the canvas in unexpected ways. Textural finishes and illusions with light are characteristic and intrinsic to the mood conveyed in her paintings.

Each piece is a marker in time and in presence; an embodiment of thought and feeling as part of the creative journey.
"My work is created from passion and honesty. It is my belief that the imagination has no boundaries and that depth of emotion may be revealed through art..."

Based on the English Rivera Chantal is a UNESCO Global Geopark Ambassador Artist.